Email Marketing Process

Option 1) Create email in template builder and send email via SendGrid  #

(Good for Birthday lists, Promos, recurring emails, etc) 

Sign into Stripo (Email template builder)

Log in and click My Accounts on top right

Browse accounts on top right and sort by client / store

Create new blank message, copy a prior one, or create one based on a template. 

With Dynamic elements you can insert a link and it will populate product info such as price, photos, and descriptions. They have how-to articles and videos available on creating dynamic elements. 

Export creative to SendGrid 

Stripo has the ability to export your email or template directly into SendGrid. 

If an email hasn’t been exported directly to SendGrid before, you will need to connect SendGrid and Stripo by using an API key. 

To do this: 

Log into SendGrid. 

There will be a 2-factor log-in 

(It will send a text to the Grasshopper phone number) 

Download the Grasshopper app and sign in if you need to. 

In SendGrid go to: 


API Keys 

Create API Key

(Default permissions are Full Access but this can be changed if needed) 

Name your API key according to the client you’re sending email for (Harley, Cable Dahmer)

Copy the API key you created 

  • Go back to Stripo in a seperate tab and click Export on the email or template you would like to send to Sendgrid 
  • Select Sendgrid under Export options
  • Enter Company name 
  • Select Single Send
  • Paste your API key and click Export

Sending an Email from SendGrid 

In SendGrid, under Marketing, go to Single Sends 

You should see your email you created from Stripo in here 

(If you need to make revisions to your email in Stripo, you will need to export the new version again) 

Click your email 

Select the correct From Sender (noreply@xyzcompany) 

Enter the email Subject line or click on A/B testing to send more than 1 Subject line to test

Select the correct Send To list 

If the list you want to send to is not in SendGrid, but you have a list of contacts to send to, you can upload them as a CSV file. 

SendGrid has a specific format for CSV files and sometimes will not upload contacts if they aren’t in that specific format (even if you correctly map them). The format is shown as an available download when you go to upload a list. 

If applicable, select “Exclude specific recipients” and select list of recipients you don’t want to receive the email. 

Select an Unsubscribe Group or add one (ex. Cable Dahmer Chevy KC) 

Schedule a date and time for the email to send or leave as Send Immediately. 


Review your details and then schedule it or send it immediately

To review results in SendGrid, log in, click on your campaign and view stats

Testing Your Email 

In SendGrid while reviewing send settings, scroll down to “Test Your Email” enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas and hit “Send Test Message”. 

In Stripo, press the “Test” button at the top of the page. Enter email addresses to send the test to, separated by commas, and hit Send. Each account/client has a limit of 300 test emails per day. 

When creating an order in SiteImpact, enter email addresses into “Test Seeds” for receiving the test email. If you make a revision in SiteImpact before you submit “Final Approval” it will send another test email to your Test Seed List. 

Option 2) Create a custom target audience in SiteImpact and send email via SiteImpact.  #

To create a custom target audience: 

Log into Counts System in SiteImpact 

Choose Zip code and enter radius to target, city, state, or other geographic info.

Filter your consumer search by various filters 

Example would be: InMarket for New Automobile, *Auto Intenders* Domestic Autos Only)

Click “Get Count” to view how many results returned in your search 

General rule of 50,000-80,000 results for most situations but consider location radius and demographic. (Rural areas with less population etc..) *$500 min spend for 50,000 results

Upload a Suppression file if applicable. 

Save your count results and name it according to the client, date, and audience. 

To create an order in SiteImpact 

You will need to create your target audience at SiteImpact in Counts System first before creating your new order. 

Log in to Order Management Systems at Site Impact 

Name your order 

Choose “Email Enhanced” in order type 

PO number if applicable 

Broadcast date and time you would like the email sent 

Redrop type: N/A unless wanting to retarget any non-viewers etc.. 

Audience will be the number of people in the count you created

Select your count 

Enter Email details 

From line


Test Seeds – who you want to receive the test email (separate by commas)

Live Seeds – who you want to receive the live email other than count list

Select Suppress Orders if there’s a list you don’t want to target and select your count to suppress

Personalization: No 

Tracking Pixel: No 

Upload the HTML file of the email you created in Stripo

To do this, export your email in Stripo as an HTML file and download it 

Save your order

Review your order and then submit the order when ready 

Your email will be sent to the test seeds 

You will have to pay for the order to continue to final approval. 

Confirm your using the correct payment method

Approve the final order after paying and you’re all set 

Tracking Results in SiteImpact

Go to

Click on Tracking Platform at the top of the page

Log in to Ecampaign stats (password is on password sheet) 

Refine Start and End Dates to view most recent or additional campaigns 

Click on the campaign you want to view. 

View results or download as a PDF or Excel doc.